Glenwhan Gardens

Why we love Glenwhan Gardens

Glenwhan Gardens and Arboretum, nestled in the picturesque Scottish landscape, is a true gem for nature lovers and garden enthusiasts. With breathtaking sea views stretching towards the Isle of Man, Luce Bay, and the Mull of Galloway, these gardens have garnered a reputation as one of Scotland’s most stunning made gardens. What makes Glenwhan special is the labor of love that transformed rough moorland into a flourishing landscape over 40 years ago. The gardens showcase a wide selection of tender plants from the Southern Hemisphere, including rare trees like hollies, birch, and conifers, as well as an abundant variety of shrubs such as rhododendrons, hydrangeas, oleander, and more. Visitors can explore the gardens through a numbered tree trail, a 17-acre moorland walk with an array of wildflowers, grasses, and ferns, and meandering paths adorned with captivating sculptures. The tearoom offers delicious homemade soups and baked goods using home-grown vegetables and locally-sourced produce. With the opportunity to purchase plants from their nursery and the availability of a garden map, Glenwhan Gardens provides a captivating and educational experience for all nature enthusiasts. To plan your visit and learn more, you can visit their official website.